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Why choose Footlogix Pediceutical™ line with Dermal Integration Technology™ (DIT)?

Today’s educated consumer demands instant gratification – results in as little as 24 hours. Today’s technicians demand a product that is reputable, easy to use, cost effective, but most importantly, a product that works!! This new product is Footlogix with Dermal Integration Technology™.

Where Medi meets Pedi™.

The brilliance behind DIT ™ technology:

• It maintains the integrity of the “active” ingredient(s) and ensures optimum biological affect to the skin

• It is a patented trans-dermal technology with European roots and North American innovation

• This Mousse allows for bacteria-free dispensing which aids in protecting damaged skin against infections

• This Mousse forms a safe protective barrier just beneath the skin’s surface and with no greasy outer layer, the skin retains its ability to transpire normally


Why is this important?

This Mousse mimics the skin’s own composition, enabling it to gently penetrate the outer layers of the skin. By doing so, this product moisturizes with maximum efficiency. The secret to healthy skin of the feet is providing hydration to the layers that need it. Footlogix with DIT ™ simply, is the product that delivers this hydration system instantaneously.

Gel Toe Caps, Corn Pads, Toe Shields Spacers, etc.

An assortment of pads and spacers are available to shelter your feet from all kinds of mild trauma.


IceTraxx increases traction and helps to prevent slips and falls on snow and ice. They are designed for people who want greater stability on ice and snow. Ideal for anyone who walks, runs, hikes or works outdoors.

• Non-slip studs offer superior traction

• Lightweight thermoplastic elastomer rubber retains elasticity in all temperatures

• No snaps, straps or buckles

• Easy fit, contoured shaped adapts to most styles of boots or shoes

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