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Each year more than 1.2 million Canadians are sidelined from their favourite sports activity due to a sports-related injury that may have been prevented through proper fitting footwear and shoe selection.To reduce the risk of a sports-related injury and alleviate any pain caused by one, The Pedorthic Association of Canada recommends:

  • Consulting a local Canadian Certified Pedorthist for a biomechanical exam to ensure you select the right type of footwear for any sports activity and to help guarantee proper fitting and correct support for foot type.
  • Slowly and carefully increase activity while allowing the tissues of the lower limb time to properly adapt to the new activity levels.
  • When injury occurs and biomechanical faults are found, custom-made foot orthotics and appropriate footwear choices can help the healing process and stop the recurrence of problems.
  • Selecting a stable shoe with a sturdy heel counter (the back of a shoe that controls motion) and stable midsoles that still provide shock absorption are needed.
  • Over-the-counter devices often help prevent simple cases of over pronation and can assist with healing.
  • If a foot injury occurs, rest, use ice and seek help from your physician.
  • If a condition persists it can help to visit complementary health professionals, such as a physiotherapist or massage therapist, who specializes in sports medicine.
  • Physiotherapists can also assist in providing detailed information on pre-event warm-up and stretching that will also help prevent any sports-related injuries.

By following these recommendations, you can decrease the risk of sustaining a sports-related injury during your favourite athletic activities.

(quoted directly from the Pedorthic Association of Canada, Sports Injury Prevention website)

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