Stay On Your Feet is a falls prevention program made up of community partners. Most falls are predictable and preventable. Many falls are the result of health or lifestyle factors. It is important to stay healthy to prevent falls and keep your independence.

The senior women and one senior man smiling and giving thumbs upThere are nine steps you can take to prevent falls:

  1. Be Active
  2. Manage Your Medicines
  3. Manage Your Health
  4. Improve Your Balance
  5. Walk Tall
  6. Foot Care and Safe Footwear
  7. Regularly Check Your Eyesight and Hearing
  8. Eat Well for Life
  9. Identify, Remove, and Report Hazards

Falls are the leading cause of death among seniors and cost the health care system a lot of money. The Government of Ontario is working to reduce falls. The Integrated Provincial Falls Prevention Framework and Toolkit is a resource to help organizations work to decrease falls.

Helpful Links and Resources


Northeastern Ontario Stroke Network Resource Guide

(courtesy of the North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit)

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