Compression Stockings

VenoTrain® impuls+

Powerful and beneficial: the proven specialist for advanced vein problems, with an innovative, seamless knit construction and impulsWork effect to support the natural function of the veins and aid mobility. The robust material makes the VenoTrain impuls+ a reliable and uncomplicated companion in everyday life.

  • Leg vein relief that can be felt
  • High working pressure
  • Maximum sturdiness

A combination of benefits

Its unique stretching properties make it as easy to put on as a light compression stocking. The VenoTrain impuls+ works to its full effect into the deep vein system on movement, thus offering palpable relief for your legs – the perfect combination of simple handling and efficient treatment.

Versatile and individual

For maximum comfort and security and a perfect fit with a standard design, the extensive V6+ size system ensures a reliable fit. The range is complemented by a variety of custom-made solutions with five different designs with open or closed toe and various different non-slip bands.



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