Men's Footwear

Dr. Comfort Brian X Black
Dr. Comfort Brian X Acorn


Built a FULL 1/4 inch deeper! Breathable stretchable Lycra with Velcro closure. Ideal for bunions and hammertoes. Accommodate internal braces and AFOs. Perfect solution for severe edema.

Dr. Comfort shoes are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of foot wellness, especially for people living with diabetes and other health conditions that affect their feet — including swelling, bunions, hammertoes and more.

Based on more than 25 years of footwear design experience and with input from board-certified podiatrists, our shoes are made using only the finest quality materials — so they’re as fashionable as they are comfortable and healthy for your feet. Most styles are available in a full range of sizes and difficult-to-fit widths.

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