Shoe Fitting Tests

Below are two shoe tests you can perform to help ensure you are selecting the right size and type of footwear:

Tracing Test – To evaluate the fit of prospective new footwear, have someone trace the outline of your foot while you’re standing. Then place the insole of your shoe over the tracing to compare your foot shape to the shoe shape. Most of the tracing should be contained shoe-fittingwithin the insole, especially the heel and ball. If it isn’t contained, the shoe will not fit your foot properly and will cause discomfort, pain and premature wear.

Heel Counter Test – The heel counter is the hard piece in the back of the shoe that controls the foot’s motion from side-to-side. A strong heel counter increases stability providing better support for your foot. To quickly test the effectiveness of a shoe’s heel counter, place the shoe in the palm of your hand with your thumb in the mid-portion of the heel counter. Try to push the back of the shoe. If the heel counter does not bend much it will provide the motion control your foot requires.

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