Lower-Limb Bracing

ValguLoc® II

Stabilizing orthosis with multi-dimensional joint for big toe correction.

ValguLoc II relieves the metatarsophalangeal joint and can help achieve a pain-free movement of the big toe if used in the early stages of hallux valgus (bunion). A long-term progression of the misalignment can be prevented. A multi-dimensional joint holds the toe at a predetermined angle at which extension and flexion are prevented or can be permitted gradually.

  • Individually mobilizable
  • Flat construction
  • Simple to fit


Movement with guidance

ValguLoc® II holds the big toe at the correct angle for effective treatment. Flexion and extensi-on can be adjusted gradually, depending on treatment requirements, using the multi-dimensional joint. The toe can therefore first be splinted and rested in the post-operative period, and then gradually allowed greater freedom of movement, without this leading to another misalignment. The flat construction of the stabilizing orthosis relieves the metatarsophalangeal joint.

24-hour effect

ValguLoc® fits snugly on the foot, giving secure support and guidance, either during the night or in comfortable shoes during the day. The orthosis is very easy to put on and take off using flat Velcro fastenings; its slim, anatomical overall design increases wearing comfort. If required, the splint material can be reshaped thermoplastically to suit the individual using the low-fatigue padding on the inside.



  • Postoperative after hallux valgus op
  • Conservative functional therapy of hallux misalignment
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