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We guarantee that all orthotics will be fabricated and shipped within 5 complete working days from receipt of the casts/scans and completed work order.

Shipping to The Lab

When the client sends a minimum of 6 pairs of casts to Sound Orthotics, we will incur the cost of shipping.

Shipping to The Practitioner

When Sound Orthotics sends a minimum of 6 pairs of orthotics to the client, we will incur the cost of shipping.

Product Guarantee

All plastics, polypropylene, copolymers, and polynyolene are guarantee against breakage for the functional life of the device.

EVA orthoses and laminates are guaranteed against excessive compression for 6 mths

Covers, additions and posts are not guaranteed as individual body chemistry, weight and activity will wear at different rates.

Within 6 months of orthotics’ completion, Sound Orthotics makes all required minor adjustments at no charge. Charges will apply for additions of any new components or major changes to your original prescription. After 6 months, adjustments are charged on a time basis.

Custom device are not returnable for credit because each individual device is custom made to your specific prescription, detailed on the order form, and formed from your patients casts. Our goal is to provide the highest patient outcomes possible and we are committed to working with you to create a solution. Please contact a member of our Technical Support team for assistance with any unsatisfactory case.

$25 within 36 hours

Terms are net 30 days. 2% late charges. 60 days overdue accounts will be on a cash basis only.

We offer payment by cheque, VISA, MASTERCARD. Please contact us for a credit card payment authorization form.

Practitioner one free pair of orthoses every two years.

Practitioners immediate family 50% discount, one pair each every two year.

Staff discounts – 30% discount, one pair each every two years.

All scanned images are maintained for 3 years.
Manually dressed casts are stored for 6 months and are then discarded.

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Get in touch with us at 705-342-7728 or at info@soundorthotics.com to find out more about how we can work with you to help your patients achieve pain-free, active living.

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