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Sound Orthotics is the industry leader in 3-D CAD/CAM technology and casting techniques. The first lab to introduce AOMS into Canada, we offer the most comprehensive use of technology with direct milling polypropylene and EVA devices, as well as production of wooden positive molds and in-house scanning of plaster casts. Our P.S.I. Plantar Surface Impressions technique is a unique innovation capturing foot shape. Not only is it quicker, cleaner, and greener than standard methods, it has the added advantage of reproducing the most anatomical slipper cast.

Occipital Structure Sensor & AOMS TOT by Sharp Shape

Scan foam boxes, casts, and feet then send the image directly to the lab.

Sharp Shape AOMS TOT iPad Structure Sensor Foot Scanner Approach

Sharp Shape

Using the Occipital Structure SensorĀ or a traditional foot scanner, sent images directly to the lab for production. We have been using AOMS in CAD/CAM orthotic designing for over 20 years.


The Delcam scanner is highly accurate and allows us flexibility in our production environment.

3D Printing

Researching the possibilities. There are some exiting developments in the 3D printing world.

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