Sharp Shape

Sharp Shape

Using a traditional foot scanner, send images directly to the lab for production. We have been using AOMS in CAD/CAM orthotic designing for over 20 years. Please review the video below for tips and tricks on how to scan feet directly. Of course, you can scan the bottom of your casts if you use the Sound Orthotic method of plaster casting. (see video on plaster casting at ???)

3D Laser Foot Scanner, Model USB3D

This scanner is electronic imaging equipment designed for clinicians working with patient’s feet. The current foot scanner is the third generation of the product line. It is easy to use in the vertical position with the stand or horizontally with our platform.

AOMS CAD (Computer Aided Design) Program

Using this program, Sound Orthotics applies biomechanical corrections and controls to the scanned casts(images) according to clinician’s prescriptions. From a correction base, we customize our program to the correction types preferred.

AOMS CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) Program

Using this program, Sound Orthotics schedules the placement of devices on the mill and generates a milling toolpath file. The program is customized to our two CNC mills.

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