Shell Materials

Direct Milled



Our direct milled poly is natural white polypropylene, maximum block height 1.25″=31.75mm

Vacuum Pressed

Vacuum Pressed Full

Our vacuum pressed polypropylene options are:

2mm thickness – in white

3mm thickness – in black

4mm thickness – in black

4.5mm thickness – in black

35 Durometer


The 35 durometer EVA is the standard material primarily used for our Diabetic orthotic. It comes in black and provides gentle support.

We usually stiffen the heel cup with Rubberflex, essentially providing a laminated device in the heel seat, as 35 duro is fairly soft. Rubberflex is the default, but you can order it without, if you like.


The Diabetic orthotic also comes with a standard reinforcement of Rubberflex which you can request to remove.

55 Durometer

Accommodative Gentle

The 55 durometer EVA is standard for our Accommodative Gentle orthotics. It provides more support and is usually stiffened with Rhenoflex as a laminate in the heel seat. Rhenoflex is the default, but you can order it without the stiffener.

The Accommodative Gentle comes with a stiffener in the heel seat of Rhenoflex which you can request to remove.

Rhenoflex is used to add rigidity to foot orthoses as a midlayer /stiffener, or for box toe and heel counter reinforcements in addition to other shoe modifications. We use it primarily with our 35 durometer EVA.

Economical thermolastic one-piece counter on non woven base with excellent shape reproduction and retention. One side coated with EVA Hotmelt

  • semi-flexible plastic with fabric backing for gluing
  • when hot, exposed side is self-adhesive
  • washable and grindable

Rhenoflex Reinforcement

In addition, by special request in the notes section, you may request a Rhenoflex shell. These are sturdy, providing a level 3 control, and very thin and light. A good option for a shoe with room to accommodate a regular device.


Rhenoflex Shell

Rubberflex is a stiffener used primarily with our 35 durometer EVA. It is not suitable as a shell material on its own as it does not provide enough support alone.

Rubblerflex Reinforcement

We provide a shell material of cork as a special option (just record it in the note section of the online order form). This is very useful for use in custom sandals and a variety of other options.

Cork Shell

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